The 5 Top Digital Assets Platforms For Exchanging CNY to USDT

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To increase the potential of the assets in the trading market, more and more people these days choose to hold digital assets like USDT than the actual currency Yuan/Renminbi (CNY). The situation also increases the popularity of exchanging Renminbi to USDT among digital asset traders.

USDT, one of the foremost types of stablecoin in the crypto world, issued by a Hong Kong-based company Tether. Under the control of economic and trade policies in China, tradings of Yuan have been limited in currency markets. The value of the currency would easily fluctuate or even get a depreciation, especially when big moves occur in the market. In other words, instead of holding Yuan with trading constraints, some traders rather turn it to freely-trade digital assets like USDT, and to keep their assets competitive. To exchange USDT from CNY, here are 5 top crypto safe platforms in the market which allow you to buy and trade between USDT and CNY safely and effectively!

Top picked reliable platforms to exchange CNY to USDT

Before starting the journey of digital asset tradings, traders should make sure the exchanging platforms you visit are safe and protected.

Binance – The desired platform that exchanges the world


Binance is one of the largest digital assets exchange companies in the world. There are 2-billion average daily transactions and over 1,400,000 transactions per second. It was originally based in China but then moved to Japan after the Chinese government tightened the digital asset’s regulation. The platform provides a wide range of services for digital asset transactions. For example, Renminbi to USDT / USDT to Renminbi or other types of trading. Most importantly, it allows traders to buy and trade freely anytime and anywhere within minutes.


AAX – To buy and trade your digital assets and reshape your finances


AAX trades across 20+ spot pairs and digital assets with high leverage, traders can buy and trade 20+ fiat currencies easily, fast, and safely via their OT or Fast Buy platforms. Moreover, the platform associates with a diverse trusted network, letting traders invest with confidence and making sure your funds are safe and secured.

Website: – The platform dedicated to security and your experience cares about the privacy and confidential trading information of the clients. Therefore, they equipped the platform with strong security technology, including super secured SSL link and two-factor authentication. It safeguards your assets and information when having transactions like exchanging USDT to Renminbi. Furthermore, Traders can also make instant deposits and withdrawals for digital assets, with low trading and withdrawal fees. 


Huobi – One of the global digital asset leader

Huobi was established in 2013 and became the world’s largest digital asset trading platform with a cumulative turnover of over 120 billion RMB the year after. Traders can manage their own assets and trade with up to 5x leverage for spot trading. Additionally, Huobi also has its own mobile apps for Andriod and IOS that make deposit, withdrawal, and other transactions effectively.


USDT Pro – The Only USDT OTC Specialist in Hong Kong


USDT Pro is the only USDT OTC specialist in Hong Kong which makes 60M HKD average transactions per day. You can finish your OTC trades in less than 15-minute, and without any extra hidden cost. It allows traders to buy/sell USD with top digital assets, including transactions between USDT and RMB. USDT Pro is a highly protected digital asset trading platform, any trading information within the execution process would stay confidential.


To maximize your crypto experience when exchanging CNY to USDT, traders should select digital asset exchange platforms with reputation, security, and usability and avoid falling for scams.

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