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USDT (Tether) has been a popular cryptocurrency in the crypto market, as it is a stablecoin and backed by the US dollar. Some of the investors store their assets on crypto exchanges’ platforms, where they can trade in and out instantaneously. Yet, some choose to store USDT safely and privately in a Tether wallet.

Investors who decided not to leave their assets on exchanges can move them to the Tether wallet. It will generate a unique private code, and only the key holders can have access to spend or transfer USDT. That means your assets will always stay in a safe and private place. Therefore, using a Tether wallet not only provides a simple way to store USDT other than exchanges but also allows users to control their assets with high privacy and security. Hence, secure your account and avoid illegal log-in attempts.

There are various wallet tools in the market where you can keep your USDT safe. Here are 5 top picked Tether wallet to store your USDT safely.

Tether Wallet – The Official Platform to Store USDT Safely

If you are looking for a USDT wallet for storage only, the official Tether wallet would be a great choice for you. It provides the platform for exchanging USDT into US dollars and vice versa or storing USDT and so on. Users can easily access the wallet through Tether’s online portal. Tether wallet emphasizes the simplicity, convenience, and security of the platform. It provides the simplest and easiest way for beginners to store your assets with just a few easy steps. During the transferring process, users do not have to specify any bank account data, transactions could go safe and anonymous.

Website: https://tether.to/

Guarda Wallet – A free web-based USDT

Guarda Wallet is a free web-based USDT wallet, which supports three different versions, web, desktop, and mobile. The web version is suitable for those who switch manage USDT with different internet-enabled devices. It supports 40 popular cryptos, 50 major blockchains, and 10k+ tokens. Users could stay in full control of their assets. Apart from using it as USDT storage, users can also execute in-app exchanges with Guarda Wallet. Therefore, users can store, transfer, buy, and exchange USDT safely on this all-in-one decentralized peer-to-peer exchange.

Website: https://guarda.com/

Exodus Tether USD WalletTether Wallet Experience

The Exodus wallet not only has a built-in trading feature but also provides you the backup solutions. If the wallet is damaged or stolen, users could either enter a standard 12-word passcode given the first time you registered your account or go for the email restore option. In other words, your account would only work on your device and for your eyes only. It ensures a private and secure environment for USDT. Also, Exodus is especially suitable for users who want to hold USDT for few months.

Website: https://www.exodus.io/tether-usd-wallet

CoinomiThe Well-trusted Blockchain Wallet

Coinomi is one of the popular Tether wallets for mobile and desktop, founded in 2014, which has never been hacked, according to Coinomi.com. It is already trusted by millions of users. Coinomi is a Hierarchical Deterministic wallet that will automatically generate a private key. It allows you to store USDT safely and trade more than 110 cryptocurrencies and 168 fiat currency representations. Also, it provides native support and true ownership for more than 125 blockchains and thousands of tokens. As a result, users can exchange a variety of assets instantaneously via the app.

Website: https://www.coinomi.com/en/

MyEtherWallet – The Ethereum’s Original Wallet

My Ether Wallet is a free wallet that works with Ethereum-based coins. Although it is popular among Ethereum users, it can also be storage for USDT, as it supports USDT ERC-20 tokens. You can easily store USDT ERC20 tokens or even process other actions like executing ETH transactions and token swappings.

Website: https://www.myetherwallet.com/ 

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