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Tether (USDT) is the most favored and liquid stablecoin in the digital asset market. Although fluctuations would still affect the value of USDT from time to time, it shows the stability of fiat currencies as it mirrors the value of the US dollar. In recent years, there is an increasing number of traders in China who trade Renminbi and shift the value to USDT. Hence, saving the transaction costs as well as shortening the transaction process. Tether would be a good option for investors who would like to buy digital assets in China. It is to facilitate the transaction with a rate set on the USD. Therefore traders can treat it as access to enter the digital asset market.

There are various secured platforms where you can buy USDT in China safely.

5 Top Picked Platform to buy USDT in China safely

AAX – A Well-trusted Platform to Buy USDT in China

purchase Tether in China with AAX

AAX is a well-trusted platform powered by LSEG technology. It provides traders an ultra-low latency while executing an order that you would not miss the best prices of buying and selling. You can easily trade USDT against more than 10 other digital assets and fiat currencies via their OTC or Fast Buy platforms. In other words, traders can buy USDT on this secure and fully-compliant trading platform.


CoinCola – The Instant OTC Marketplace Supports Wechat Pay and Alipay

buy USDT in China

CoinCola is a marketplace for OTC digital assets transactions based in Hong Kong. Despite the fast and safe trading platform they provide, they also support payment methods like Wechat Pay and Alipay. It is convenient for users who would like to trade USDT with CNY in China. 


BTCC – The  Digital Assets Trading Platform

As the world’s longest-running digital exchange since 2011, BTCC provides clients with a trusted and reliable platform. It helps concentrate on their transactions, including hundreds of digital assets. All the information and service fees will always remain transparent, as well as to emphasize safety and privacy regarding clients’ data.

You can buy USDT in China on this qualified digital assets trading platform.


Huobi Group – A Global Digital Asset Leader Allows Direct Bank Transfer in China

get USDT in China with Huobi

Huobi is a professional and global digital assets financial service provider since 2013. With the growth of service and technical support, traders can manage your assets and transaction in a few clicks. They offer a wide range of features that can be an ideal place to trade your asset at the best time. On the Huobi Lite App launched by Huobi Group, users can pay through bank transfer or with another payment method.


USDT Pro – The Only USDT OTC Specialist

USDT Pro is a digital asset exchange specialist supporting fiat currency based in Hong Kong. We cover transactions like HKD, USD, and RMB deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, we partner with well-known investment firms, and with daily transactions 60M HKD on average on our site. 

Our website is also trusted by millions of users because we offer instant settlements and flexible payment options with no hidden cost, which allow you to process your orders and transactions on a smooth platform.


There is a wide range of digital assets trading platforms globally that you can buy USDT in China. But most importantly, please make sure you know the background of the sites and get yourself familiarized with it before you perform any transacting actions! 

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